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Trick Tips

How I do them....

The Ollie

The ollie is the basic move for all other moves once you can do it you can do anything with a bit of time.

Right get you front foot 7 centimeters behind the front truck and your back foot on the back of the kicktail. Slap the back of the board down hard as it comes up level out and slide your front foot to the front of the board.

The Shuv-it

Pop shove-its are easier off of your nose, so ride your skateboard fakie to start. Ollie, and at the same time, use your back foot to shove your board 180' degrees. The more you exaggerate this movement, the quicker the board will shove-it around. Keep your eyes on the board as it rotates. It's easy to land wrong. Once your board has gone 180' degrees, use your front foot to stop the rotation and "catch" the board. It sounds strange, but you'll understand when you try it. Before landing, make sure your back foot has found its way back to the tail. Land with your knees slightly bent and roll away.

The Kickflip

The kickflip isn't actually that hard really all you do is put your front foot right near the edge and ollie. The board will spin if you put a little more weight on your front foot than usual. Don't worry about landing on the board for the first couple of times.


The nollie is very hard and will take a while to perfect, if you are both footed it will be easy because all it is, is a ollie at the front of the board using what is your front foot. My advice is just keep trying and trying.

Are you successfull with my ways of doing tricks ? I'd love to hear from you. Check out my "Contact Me" page to send me e-mail.